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Creating beautiful and delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes as a form of love

My passion for food started early.

As a child I was often in the kitchen helping my mom or creating my own dishes and cakes.

This passion faded away for a little while. And instead of creating food I found my way in design.

I have always been driven to make things beautiful while creating memorable experiences and hospitality was always something I did on the side.

While traveling I worked at many places all over the world, where I enjoyed the days treating people (and myself) with love and good food.

From the bar, to the floor, as a chef, to running a place as a manager. In hospitality you could find me everywhere and I liked it all.

While I have always dreamed of my own little cafe somewhere in the world, everything seemed to fall into place when I was spontaneously cooking for a beautiful group of women during a retreat.

Treating people in a private setting, with love and food, while they are in the middle of beautiful processes, feels like the perfect way to fulfil my dreams.

Are you organising a retreat or event? 

Let's get in touch!

I am mostly based in the Netherlands but very willing to travel to your retreat venue anywhere in the world.




Follow me on Instagram @la.mama.gaia

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