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“The first 3 words that come to mind are:

surprising, loving and professional.


When I first met Marjolijn in April 2022, I saw a sweet woman with a beautiful, warm appearance.

Not only was she open for a chat during the retreat, but her loving smile often did me good!

And then her! Every time she surprised us with beautiful and delicious meals.

You can taste the love she puts into it!


- Surprising-

Vegetarian food was something new for me and I experienced it as delicious.


- Loving -

Marjolijn shines in the kitchen and her love for food and caring for others is noticeable in everything!


- Professional -

She's a real chef!

She takes allergies into account and can also tell you exactly what she has made.

And all the dishes she creates are a real feast to look at!”

Irene, Switch Weekend


“Everything about Marjolijn is great. She has cooked at my retreats a few times and my groups are not your average (moms with babies and pregnant women) with many wishes. Marjolijn is very good at thinking along, she is flexible and makes it a real food feast time after time, despite all kinds of dietary requirements. Her dishes are culinary pieces of art. They look beautiful and taste fantastic. Her kitchen contribution takes my retreats to a higher level!"

— Marjolein, Wombfulness

“During the Switch Weekend I was able to enjoy Marjolijn's delicious meals. Everything was vegan, which was new to me. Some flavors I  had to get used to and others where immediately delicious. Marjolijn really inspired me to use some other ingredients in my daily cooking routine at home. And even my 14 year old son likes it...thank you for showing me that you can cook with so much love. ”

— Sandra, Switch Weekend

“I really enjoyed the food of La Mama Gaia on both retreats I went to, which was incredibly delicious and special. You taste, smell and see Marjolijn's love in every dish and her food gives you strength and support. Marjolijn is also very warm and loving herself, which is a great comfort when you are working through dark areas to heal and grow. She really is part of the retreat, and a beacon of peace where you get pampered and cared for at times you need it so badly." 

—Leyla, Transformatie Retreat

“Thank you dear Marjolijn for the incredibly delicious care of my retreat weekend! It was a real feast to enjoy your beautiful and delicious creations! What I really loved is that the participants saw plant-based food from a completely different angle and were inspired to use  (more)  plant-based products  at home. Lovely to work with you, again soon?”

— Janneke, Heart Rise Yoga

“Marjolijn makes the retreats I've been to a real treat! I would even go to the retreat for the food alone! Super healthy, vegan and delicious. And everything looks very nice, made and presented with love. Marjolijn is a warm, sweet and cheerful woman!"

— Mariette, Transformatie Retreat

“Flavour sensations!

That's what Marjolijn's fantastic dishes & sweets do to you. I enjoyed her cooking skills several times, at different retreats. You feel the love and warmth she puts into her dishes.

 Highly recommended if you will experience wonderful care at one of your retreats.”

— Edwin, Switch Weekend


“During the Switch Weekend at the end of October, I was able to enjoy Marjolijn's deliciously prepared dishes. She has shown how you can eat delicious, nutritious and varied vegan food. Which also inspired me to do that more often at home and to take more time for cooking. Although I would have preferred to take her home as a private chef.”

— Anne, Switch Weekend

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